This is my be the best person I can be while learning to live with FASD/Bipolar/Schizophrenic and several other learning disabilities all because of the the decisions my birth mother made during her pregnancy.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

BJ gragation party

B.J threw a party for the and of the year. It was asome party. we went to the park, plaed some games, and ate diner. It was probily the best party Ive bin to.

9th graed bakwit.

there was a 9th graed baqint last night. me,BJ,sky, and corry wen to it it was so much fun. There was diner, 9th graed vidoe and year book sining. the was the best grauation ever.

lagoon day

the howl school got to go to lagoon to day we hade so much fun there. But the line to get in was huge. but I stil had fun. It was a blast. I even got to hang out with a guey I like! It was awsom!

The last consert for cwier this yaer

It started practising evry day at school . The practises got even harder because of how much work we put in to it. But it payd off for our last consert. The consert was a big hit and a huge sucses. evryone loved us and thats all I needed.