This is my be the best person I can be while learning to live with FASD/Bipolar/Schizophrenic and several other learning disabilities all because of the the decisions my birth mother made during her pregnancy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Brother who I lost but now have found

About a month ago I discovered some shocking news. The brother who I have bin seperated from for about 10 years is now found. I first got the News frome my mom woh got it from my cuson. Shoking right? Then about #2 weeks ago I got to axily talk to him It was exiting. Alot of emoetions ran through my head. finily i got the confidenc to say somthing.I found out that my brother lives in a foster caer in Texes. Now he calls me #3 times a week. And We talk about so meny things. Its nice to Know Iv'e found my brother. Iv'e finly found that mising part of my life.

Thank you for Reading My Blog!

There's alot of things I can say right now but all i can think of Is thanks. It rilly means alot to me wen poeple read wat I write on my blog. Not only dose it moedivaet me to write more, but it bils up my confidenc. Alot Of poeple say that bloging is stupid. But wat they don't know is that it is also vary helpfol to write things down to show your true emotions. for instonc I cant tell you how lucky I am to have lisner like you gius. So agen thake you.